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There are certain moments within a purchasing decision where you look for answers, either on Amazon or directly on the supplier’s website of the desired product.

There are specific descriptions of the goods, the installation instructions or comments of other customers. But sometimes it just lacks the smallest details, such as the optimal use of a specific item, the cleaning or some potential recommendations of the provider.

 These specific questions and other emerging thoughts can come up with the potential purchase of a privacy screen filter.

Therefore, one or the other question on how to use a privacy screen filter from VistaProtect™ can be clarified in the following section.

What to take into consideration when buying a VistaProtect™ privacy screen filter?

Once the decision has been made to buy a privacy screen filter, you might automatically look at the reviews of other customers. Sometimes it is easier and faster to read the comments of other buyers.

But because opinions are very different from time to time, it is better to rely on your own gut feeling and the descriptions of the provider. If you decide to buy a privacy screen filter, whether for a monitor, laptop, MacBook or iPhone, then VistaProtect™ can help. It is very important to measure the monitor accurately in order to find the right filter.

For a quick sizing guide, please visit this page.

Once this has been determined, the colour option “Gold” can be also selected on some models. Our Gold range, is not only a very attractive option but also offers even more clarity and can be used by graphic designers.

How to achieve optimal privacy?

When you buy a privacy screen filter for the first time and have it installed, you are looking for the long-awaited privacy.

The optimal privacy angle may depend on, among other things, the screen brightness and the lighting conditions in a room.

We recommend minimizing the screen brightness by 5-15% when you need more privacy.

Are installation guidelines really so important?

You might wonder what you can do wrong with the installation of a privacy screen filter.

And yet there are some aspects to consider. The filters for laptops and monitors come with two installation options, tabs and tapes and can be permanently attached or removed if necessary.

The filters for MacBook’s include a patented Nanotechnology which ensures that your filter integrates seamlessly with your MacBook.

The privacy screen filter for the iPhone consists of Premium HD Retina Glass. This means that only the protective film has to be removed and then it can be positioned on the iPhone.


It sounds simple, but it is important to exactly follow the installation instructions.

These can also be found on our installation page.

Especially with an iPhone, the filter should be carefully installed according to the instructions. Otherwise FaceID may not working properly.

How to clean privacy filters?

When a filter is permanently installed for a long time, it can lead to dust deposits.

The privacy screen filter, including the adhesive tape, can be removed and cleaned with some lukewarm water and with very little soap.

It is advisable to let it dry before attaching the filter again. This can be repeated several times.

We hope that these tips answer most of your questions. If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us and we’d be delighted to assist you further.