After months of research and development, we have developed revolutionary technology that lets you easily attach, remove and reattach our privacy filters without using any tool or adhesive.

The new VistaProtect™ privacy filters effortlessly attach to your MacBook via Nano-suction technology.

Patented Nano-suction technology

Simply apply the filter to your screen to attach it and pull it off when not in use. No tools, no adhesive, and no sticky residue.

The surface of our privacy filter contains thousands of microscopic craters that work by creating many partial vacuums between the filter and the computer screen. The filter can re-bond repeatedly, and leaves no residue on the computer screen.

Superior to other attachment options

Privacy filters can generally be attached by means of adhesive or magnets. Using adhesive, can leave residue on the screen which can be difficult to clean. Using magnets can lead to permanent damage and will void the warranty of your MacBook as stated on the official Apple website.

The VistaProtect™ patented Nano-suction technology is therefore superior as it lets privacy filters be easily removed and reapplied without any consequence.

Advanced Privacy Technology

As working life has become more mobile and increasingly we are working in busy public spaces such as cafés, airports or open offices, using a privacy filter is becoming essential.

VistaProtect™ uses advanced micro-louvre technology.  Micro-louvres are tiny vertical blinds located on the surface of the privacy screen filters that narrow the viewing angle. Your computer screen becomes only visible when looking directly in front of it.
Onlookers will see a dark unclear screen when attempting to view it from a side angle to ensure privacy and security.

Premium quality and perfect fit

The VistaProtect™ filters are designed in Switzerland and have been carefully inspected to ensure only the highest quality products. They are up to 18% brighter and clearer than other solutions Our filters are also treated with anti-glare and anti-blue light capabilities to ensure that you can work comfortably even in bright, high glare environments while also reducing harmful blue light.

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