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Anti Blue Light Filter for Laptops & Monitors

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Designed by Swiss medical professionals, the VistaProtect Anti-Blue Light Filters block up to 90% of harmful blue light emissions, without discolouring your screen. This effective filter protects your eyes as well as your data.

Important: This filter is not compatible with touch screens and is not rated “anti-glare

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14 reviews for Anti Blue Light Filter for Laptops & Monitors

  1. TT

    Instantly takes glare away

  2. Nigel Crucefix

    Easier and clearer and being seen.

  3. Mr. G. C. Townsend-dance

    What a great product. Wife suffers with her eye strain especially after using her laptop after fitting screen which was very easy she found instant relief. Would recommend this to anyone with eye problem or not.

  4. Dave A.

    Purchased for my daughter’s laptop. Only took 2mins to apply, was a perfect fit and the blue glare has gone. Ideal!

  5. Jo West

    This is great. It really cuts out the glare. Surprise free gift inside too! 🙂

  6. Ds Lucas

    Brilliant, quality

  7. A Mac

    Product arrived quickly and does exactly what it says it will, minimises the blue light emitted from the screen. Excellent product for the price.

  8. Aisyah Jeffrey

    I appreciate the installation option that allows me to take out the sheet whenever I don’t need the blue screen.
    And thank you so much for the free webcam protector!

  9. Elaine

    Have had no headache or eye strain since starting to use these.
    Thank you.

  10. Alan H.

    Excellent product

  11. Kelly

    Quick delivery and using it has reduced my headaches from hours of computer work.

  12. Luis

    Very good quality material, it perfectly adapts to my 22″ monitor.

  13. Laura Davies

    The product was exactly what I wanted.

  14. alastair

    Easy to fit, though need to tape to laptop so it does not fall off -simple to do though. So far seems to be doing the job well. I had COVID eyes, all day on teams was killing them, this has reduced the eye stress.

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Designed by Swiss medical professionals, the VistaProtect Anti-Blue Light Filters block up to 90% of harmful blue light emissions, without discolouring your screen. This effective filter protects your eyes as well as your data.

Scientists now confirm that blue light emitted from digital devices like laptops and smart phones can damage our vision. A simple way of reducing blue light exposure is to use a VistaProtect Anti-Blue Light Filter.

Using one of our filters will result in a crystal-clear display without having to use apps and night-mode settings. Why risk damaging your eyesight and the quality of your sleep when both can be avoided by using an anti-blue light filter? No longer will your eyes feel tired or dry, and you’ll definitely notice an increase in your focus and performance.

Protect Your Eyesight

Installation option of privacy filter

Our brain knows that it’s time to wake up when blue light penetrates our retinas; however, extended blue light exposure can negatively impact on our health and well-being, causing eye irritation, headaches, and fatigue.

People who work with electronic devices for long periods of time can also suffer from myopia, eye fatigue, red eye, and presbyopia, in addition to disrupted sleep. It’s important to note that children are extremely susceptible to the effects of blue light coming from their digital devices.

Sleep better

High clarity privacy screens

Electronic devices emit blue light, tricking our brain into thinking that it’s daytime, when it’s actually time to go to sleep.

Numerous studies have confirmed that blue light in the evening disturbs the natural sleep-wake cycles of our brain, which we know are crucial for optimal health. When our screens emit blue light, the release of sleep-inducing melatonin is delayed, which only increases alertness. And so we end up with sleep-deprived children and adults.

Reduce Eye Strain

Lifetime warranty

Optometrists report that patients that stare at electronic devices for extended periods of time report digital eye strain.

Symptoms may include blurry vision, trouble focusing, tired eyes that are red or dry and headaches. What happens is that your eyes are trying to focus on the electronic device’s screen, so your eye muscles are being pulled together. Fortunately, anti-blue light filters can help reduce the strain felt by the eye.

Easy installation

Lifetime warranty

LAPTOPS:  The filters can either be attached permanently on your computer by using clear adhesive strips or by the tab holders to remove the screen when needed.

Lifetime warranty

MONITORS: No adhesives required. Simply hang the filter to your screen allowing for easy removal, cleaning and reattachment.

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