The VistaProtect™ Privacy Filters guarantee that only you can see your screen.

Everyone else, including co-workers, strangers, or even competitors, will see a black screen. 

Developed in Switzerland, using advanced privacy technology, our filters mount to your computer monitor or your laptop, ensuring your information remains private and confidential. 

It is the ideal solution for open office settings, healthcare providers, financial institutions or when travelling.

Privacy Filter

Premium Privacy Screen Filters

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Advanced privacy technology

Many things in life are better when shared, but your computer screen is not among them

60° privacy angle

While people directly in front of the screen have a perfectly clear view; the view for those outside the 60° viewing angle is blocked.

18% brighter than competitors

Our filters are brighter and clearer than other solutions and therefore ideally suited for today’s high-resolution laptops and monitors.

Matte or glossy

One side of the filter has a matte finish to maximise glare reduction, while the other is glossy, providing even more screen clarity.

2 installation options

The filters can either be attached permanently by using clear adhesive strips or the tab holders to remove the screen when needed.

Lifetime Warranty

If you’re not satisfied, we’ll make it right or give you your money back. Learn more.

Designed in Switzerland

Our privacy filters are designed in Switzerland and have been carefully inspected to ensure only the highest quality products.

Trusted all over the World

Thousands of companies & individuals use our privacy screens
What is a Computer Privacy Filter?

Also known as a computer privacy screen, a privacy filter has been specifically designed so computer users can keep their private and confidential information just that – private and confidential. With a privacy filter, a computer user can work in a crowded area like an airport, train, bus, coffee shop, or office, without having to worry about strangers looking at their screen.

Privacy filters are used to protect information and sensitive data for banking, insurance, human resources, finance, trade, medical personnel and medical examination rooms. They are used by government officials in control of sensitive operations and also by homeowners who enjoy their privacy. Basically, anyone who prefers to keep their private information ‘private’ should use a computer privacy screen.

How a Computer Privacy Filter Works

A computer privacy filter decreases the viewing angle, which means that the only person able to view the image on the screen is the person sitting immediately in front of the computer. No more having to worry about shoulder surfers and prying eyes! Anyone standing, sitting, or walking at a different angle will see either a completely blacked out screen or a distorted image.

There Are Various Types of Computer Privacy Screens

While there are a number of privacy filters available on the market, the most common computer privacy screens are:  Monitor Privacy Screen, Laptop and MacBook Privacy Screen and Mobile phone and tablet Privacy Screen. Privacy filters are available for purchase in a number of sizes, for screens ranging between 11 and 27 inches.

Installation of Computer Privacy Filter

Privacy filters have been designed to quickly fit or detach, and fit snugly into the bezel for both regular and widescreen displays. Installing a computer privacy screen is typically very simple: it either involves using transparent sticky tape to permanently attach the filter to your screen, or clips or brackets that attach to the monitor allowing the filter to slide in and out. The MacBook range uses a patented technology whereby suction tape allows the filter to be attached and removed without leaving any trace.

The Advantages of Using a Computer Privacy Filter

Besides providing privacy for the computer user, a privacy filter reduces glare and radiation generated from computer displays, protects sensitive intellectual property, prevents headaches from computer use, it helps prevent Presbyopia (the weakening of eye muscles), provides anti-blue light protection, and it will protect your computer screen from scratches, abrasions, and dust.

Privacy Protection
Any user who stores personal and confidential information on their computer would obviously prefer that this information remain private, and that’s where a computer privacy screen can be very helpful. Whilst it’s always your responsibility to ensure that your private information is safeguarded, a privacy screen will ensure that the images on your computer screen remain private. If you’re in an open-plan office environment or perhaps you’re in a public space and need to check sensitive information, it’s imperative that your private information be protected from prying eyes. A computer privacy screen offers effective and affordable privacy.

Antiglare Protection
Monitor-glare can be a huge problem for some computer users. A computer privacy screen offers enormous relief and protection from monitor glare. Because most privacy screens are treated with an antiglare coating you’ll find viewing much easier on your laptop or monitor when in sunlight or other glare situations.

Screen Protection
Using a computer privacy screen ensures that your monitor’s screen is protected from fingerprints, scratches, smudges, and dust.

Anti-Blue light Protection
A good computer privacy filter will protect your eyes from a significant amount of blue light being emitted from your screen, without affecting visibility.

Effective and Affordable

A computer privacy filter is the most effective and affordable way to protect your sensitive information, whether at work or out in the public. And they’re not expensive! In fact, they’re extremely affordable, ranging from between 25.99€ and 89.99€. Privacy filters come in almost every size, including widescreen formats, so there’s really no need for any computer user to risk compromising their sensitive information.