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Protect yourself from visual hacking!

The VistaProtect™ Privacy Filters guarantee that only you can see your computer screen.

Designed in Switzerland and made from premium materials, our privacy filters are engineered to ensure that any information on your computer screen remains private.

It is the ideal solution for open office settings, healthcare providers, financial institutions or when travelling.



Advanced privacy technology

Our filters use micro-louver technology

Micro-louvers are tiny vertical blinds located on the surface of the filters that narrow the viewing angle to 60 degrees. Your computer screen becomes only visible when looking directly in front of it.


Easy installation

Removable or Permanent

Our filters are easy to attach and remove when not in use, using the provided tab holders. If you need permanent privacy, you can secure the filter to your screen using the provided clear adhesive strips.

Unmatched Visual Clarity

Up to 18% brighter than other alternatives

Perfectly suited for today’s high-resolution computer screens, our privacy filters offer the highest clarity and brightness on the market.


Blue light Protection

Block harmful blue light

Our privacy filters have been coated with an extra anti-blue light layer and block up to 90% of harmful blue light, preventing sleep issues, eye strain, and headaches.

Glare & Scratch protection

More than a privacy protector

Our filters offer a matte side to reduce glare and a glossy side for clarity. It also protects your screen from fingerprints, shocks and scratches.


Lifetime Warranty

Your satisfaction is our #1 objective

Our filters undergo meticulous inspection to ensure the highest quality. They come with a lifetime warranty. If you're not fully satisfied, we'll happily provide a refund.


How do I choose the correct filter size?

We offer a range of sizes to fit various screens, from laptops to desktop monitors. Please refer to our sizing guide (click here) or provide us your screen brand and model for assistance.

Are there any discounts for bulk orders?

Yes, we offer discounts from 10+ filters. Discounts are applied automatically at checkout. You can contact our sales team for more information.

Can I pay on invoice or via purchasing order?

Yes, you can either place your order directly via this site and select “pay on account” during checkout. Alternatively, you can email us your P.O.

How does shipping work?

We offer FREE standard shipping (5-7 days) for orders over 50€ or Express (3-5 days) for 7.99€ and for orders under 50€. We ship throughout Europe. For shipping outside of Europe, contact us.

Can I return my order?

Yes, enjoy free 30-day returns & exchanges (shipping fees excluded).

What is the warranty on your privacy filters?

Our filters come with a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects. If you encounter any issues, please contact our customer service for assistance.

Can I order custom-sized privacy filters for non-standard screens?

Yes, we do offer custom-sized filters for unique screen sizes from 100 units. Please reach out with your requirements, and we'll be happy to assist.


What is a privacy filter and how does it work?

A privacy filter is a protective layer that you place over your computer screen to prevent side views. It allows the user to see the screen clearly when looking directly at it, but makes it appear darkened when viewed from an angle, ensuring privacy.

How do I install the filter on my screen?

Our filters come with an instruction guide for easy installation. Simply clean your screen, align the filter, and attach it. Watch our installation video for detailed instructions.

Can I remove and reattach the privacy filter?

Yes, our privacy filters are designed to be removable and re-attachable.

Will the privacy filter affect my screen's touch sensitivity?

Our privacy filters are designed to maintain touch sensitivity. You'll be able to interact with your screen as usual.

How do I clean the privacy filter?

You can clean the privacy filter using the provided cloth. For stubborn smudges, a little water or screen cleaner can be used.

Does the privacy filter protect against blue light and screen glare?

While the primary function is privacy, our filters also offer blue light reduction and anti-glare properties.

Will the privacy filter affect colour accuracy on my screen?

Our filters are designed to maintain colour fidelity. However, slight variations might be noticed, especially in high colour accuracy tasks like graphic design.

How does the privacy filter affect screen brightness?

While the filter slightly dims the screen due to its design, most users don't notice a significant reduction in brightness. Adjusting your screen's brightness settings can compensate for any perceived difference.

Customer Reviews

Based on 204 reviews
P. Schneider
Easy setup

Easy setup, perfect fit for my laptop, and dual-sided with a glossy finish that suits my preference—this privacy screen ticks all the boxes for me. Overall, it’s a fantastic addition to my setup.

W. Isabelle
Ce que je cherchais

La solution parfaite pour préserver la confidentialité de mon écran de bureau ! Le design s'adapte parfaitement au cadre biseauté de mon moniteur, reste bien en place et s'enlève facilement lorsque c'est nécessaire. Exactement ce que je cherchais !

A. Herzog

Dieser Sichtschutz ist ein wahrer Lebensretter für meine Zugfahrten! Er hält neugierige Nachbarn davon ab, meinen Bildschirm zu lesen, und ermöglicht es mir trotzdem, bequem zu arbeiten. Es leuchtet ein wenig, aber nichts, was meine Privatsphäre beeinträchtigt.

Randy G

VistaProtect's privacy filter is a top-notch choice for safeguarding sensitive information on my laptop. The filter's robust design effectively blocks side views, ensuring complete privacy in crowded spaces. It's a reliable and essential tool for anyone concerned with data security.

Suzan K

Der VistaProtect Blickschutzfilter hat meine Erwartungen übertroffen. Er bietet eine tadellose Klarheit und sorgt dafür, dass meine Bildschirmdaten privat bleiben. Er ist bemerkenswert einfach anzubringen und zu entfernen und damit ideal für alle, die in einer geschäftigen Umgebung sowohl Sicherheit als auch Komfort suchen. Sehr empfehlenswert für alle, die auf ihre Privatsphäre achten.