Computer privacy filters, also known as privacy screens, are the ideal way of adding security to personal and confidential information on a computer display.

They do this by making an image on the computer screen visible only to the user sitting directly in front of the screen: people sitting, standing, or walking at other angles not in direct view of the screen see either a distorted image or a completely blacked out screen.

Different Types of Computer Privacy Screens

The three different types of computer privacy screens are:

  • Laptop privacy screens
  • Monitor privacy screens
  • Macbook privacy screens

As a manufacturer of premium privacy filters, VistaProtect™ stocks these 3 different types and they can be purchased from this website. 

Material and Installation of Computer Privacy Screens

Computer privacy screens are made of thin sheets of plastic material that easily cover your computer’s display. The filter will have very small louvers, or panels, that distort the viewing of the screen at any angle other than directly in front of the monitor.

Installation of computer privacy screens involves using either transparent sticky tape that let you attach the filter on to your screen permanently or clips that attach to the display and let you slide in and out the filter. All of our filters come with 2 installation options to either install them permanently or not. And our MacBook range uses a patented technology using suction tape that let you attach and remove the filter without leaving any trace.

Advantages of Computer Privacy Filters

The three main benefits of using computer privacy screens include:

  • Privacy protection
  • Screen protection
  • Anti-glare protection
  • Anti-blue light protection

Privacy Protection:

Most computer users prefer to keep their personal and confidential information just that – personal and confidential! And this is the major advantage of computer privacy screens, cause they ensure the images on a computer screen remain private.It is up to the user to ensure that private information is safeguarded. You may be checking sensitive data in a public area, or perhaps you’re in an office environment and need to minimize prying eyes; either way the ideal product to achieve this is an effective and affordable computer privacy screen.

Screen Protection:

An added benefit of using a computer privacy screen is that it will protect your monitor’s screen from damage, such as scratches, fingerprints, and smudges.

Anti-Glare Protection:

Another concern with computer screens is monitor glare, and a computer privacy screen offers the user increased protection from monitor glare. Computer privacy screens are typically treated with an anti-glare coating, thus making viewing your laptop, CRT or LCD monitor much easier in sunlight or other glare conditions.

Anti-blue light Protection:

Our filters prevent significant amounts of blue light to be emitted from your screen and from reaching your eyes without affecting the visibility.

Computer Privacy Screens Are Very Affordable

If you’re looking to protect your sensitive data at work or in public, then you need to invest in a computer privacy filter. They’re extremely affordable, ranging in price from between 25.99€ to and 89.99€. In addition, they’re available in almost any size, and this includes widescreen formats.