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Installation instructions: iPad


Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Privacy Screen 

  • Adjust the display brightness setting higher to maximize visibility or lower for enhanced privacy.
  • To provide ease of installation and removal, your privacy screen is designed to be slightly smaller than your display.
  • Ensure that the privacy screen is fully flushed against the monitor; otherwise clarity is affected.
  • The privacy screen has one matte side and one glossy side. We recommend that you try both sides to determine which will work best for you since each person’s viewing preference will be different.
  • Your eyes may need a few hours to get accustomed to the privacy screen.
  • Currently, there are no commercially available privacy screens that are capable of blocking an observer’s view that is directly in front of the display, no matter how far they are away from the screen.
  • Privacy screens are optimized to diffuse text, not graphics. At certain angles, an observer may still see shapes on your screen but will be unable to read the text.