Privacy Screen Filter for Apple iPhone

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Keep your mobile phone private & confidential!

The VistaProtect Privacy Filters ensure that only you can see your Apple iPhone screen.

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29 reviews for Privacy Screen Filter for Apple iPhone

  1. Eric J.

    Privacy feature works well and also protects my iPhone against scratches. I recommend this protector.

  2. JMartin

    Einfach zu installieren (aber Sie müssen die Anweisungen befolgen, ansonsten funktioniert die FaceID möglicherweise nicht vollständig). Gute Privatsphäre

  3. Dennis Rechner

    Gute Privacy Funktion und macht das Display nicht zu dunkel.
    Aufbringen der Folie geht auch gut man muss nur exakt arbeiten sonst hat man Probleme mit der Face ID.

  4. Es.Be.

    Sehr schnelle Lieferung, alles perfekt

  5. Herdits Rudolph

    Sehr gutes Produkt. Guter Blickschutz, Folie angenehm zu berühren und gut zum sliden und scrollen. Wer schon einmal eine Folie vom Türkenstore an der Ecke gekauft hat wird wissen, was ich meine.

  6. L037

    Excellent écran pour protéger des regards indiscrets. Un peu sombre mais très bien.
    Qualité verre top.

  7. Fernand

    J’aime bien

  8. Bartleby

    Bought 2 of those screen protectors for privacy use. The screen protector is very well made and comes in a neat perspex case. Installation guide is clear and easy to follow. A little preparation including thorough clean of your iPhone screen is advisable. – Tip: Use a mist spray or green plant water spray and squirt some water in the air above your workstation. This will reduce dust and particles in the air before you install your screen.
    As with other privacy screen protector, you will gain in privacy at the cost of some brightness on your iPhone naked screen. This is inevitable (I’ve yet to find a privacy screen that doesn’t darken the image). – Note: You may also observe some meshing effect which is due to the optic meshing in the screen to achieve the privacy anti-refraction.
    In conclusion, if you care about your privacy (or simply want to drive your passengers mad because they can’t see your phone screen when you drive), I would highly recommend this excellently manufactured privacy screen protector.

  9. Isaac T

    Easy to install (but you must follow the instruction otherwise the FaceID may not fully work). Good privacy.

  10. Nidia Morales

    Justo lo pedido

  11. Tom

    Top Produkt

  12. May

    Reçu rapidement, bonne qualité, moins opaque pour garder une bonne visibilité et remplit bien sa fonction.

  13. José

    Protector premium, el artículo es tal y como se describe en su descripción. El protector es muy similar a la pantalla del iPhone. Un acierto de compra, estoy encantado.

  14. Natacha

    J’ai un iPhone 7,
    Protection nickel, facile à appliquer, tous les critères sont respecté, je recommande !
    Seul point négatif : Je vais changer pour un iPhone 11 pro et cette vitre n’existe pas (encore ?) pour ce modèle 🙁 j’espère que ce sera le bientôt possible ! 🙂

  15. Francesco Carone

    Ottimo oggetto. Fa bene il suo dovere. Aderenza perfetta su iPhone 11

  16. Nicole K.

    Produkt hält absolut, was es verspricht. Seitlich aufs Handy geschaut siehst Du nur “schwarz”. Danke für die unkomplizierte Kaufabwicklung

  17. Dennis2

    Bin sehr sehr zufrieden. !!!

  18. Mme D

    Parfait ! Je suis ravie

  19. Alis

    Super sehr cool

  20. Alis

    Super sehr cool ist dieser mod

  21. Mustafa.wafai

    Ich finde es sehr gut

  22. Antonio

    Cumple exactamente con las especificaciones indicadas

  23. Jorge

    Protector premium, el artículo es tal y como se describe en su descripción. El protector es muy similar a la pantalla del iPhone. Un acierto de compra, estoy encantado.

  24. Rafael

    Este es un excelente producto,cumple con lo descrito.

  25. Anna

    Comprato per un Apple iPhone 8 da regalare quindi credo che vada bene

  26. DUPRE Ludovic

    Discrétion et sécurité


    Facile à installer. Confidentialité garantie.

  28. Ali

    Satisfecho por el producto la cual llego a tiempo y es de fácil colocación.

  29. Fabian Massar

    Le top du top.

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Protect yourself from visual hacking!

The VistaProtect™ Privacy Filters guarantee that only you can see your mobile phone.

Designed in Switzerland and made from premium materials, our privacy filters are engineered to ensure that any information on your mobile phone screen remains private.

It is the ideal solution for anyone working with sensitive and confidential information on the go.

VistaProtect screen filters

Advanced Privacy Technology

60 degree privacy angle
Keep your iPhone screen private!

VistaProtect uses advanced micro-louver technology. When looking directly at your mobile phone you’ll have a clear view of your screen, but the people around you will only see a black screen, ensuring privacy.

Micro-louvers are tiny vertical blinds located on the surface of the privacy screen filters that narrow the viewing angle.

Perfect Edge-to-Edge Fit

Installation option of privacy filter
Perfectly crafted to fit your Apple iPhone.

Our glass protectors cover the entire screen, including the curved edge and are cut out on the front not to interfere with the camera sensors or responsiveness of your phone. Compatible with any iPhone case.

The highest Clarity

High clarity privacy screens
Premium HD Retina Glass

We use the highest quality tempered glass (9H) that offers 99.99% clarity and provides flawless touch screen accuracy.

More Than A Privacy Protector

Lifetime warranty
Not only do you get privacy protection but this filter also protects your mobile device from shocks, scratches, and glare.

Our privacy filters are designed in Switzerland and have been carefully inspected to ensure only the highest quality products.

Easy installation

Lifetime warranty
Simple 3-step installation process that only takes a few minutes.

Any issue? Our support team will be pleased to help you by email, chat or phone.

Trusted all over the world

Every day, thousands of companies and individuals use the VistaProtect™ Privacy Screens to protect their sensitive and confidential data safe from prying eyes.
our customers
Did you search for iPhone privacy filters ? Our premium privacy filters help protect the confidential and sensitive information on your iphone from the side-views of visual hackers. Ingenious micro-louver technology delivers effective privacy. Side views are rendered invisible from prying eyes while your screen remains clearly visible to straight-on views.

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